Don’t Lick The Dog!

Strange things have been happening lately around here.  I took my cat to the groomer yesterday to get her shaved.  Apon her arrival home, my dog started humping her.  Great.
Kidlet has also started calling every vehicle she sees, every boy/man she sees and our cat, “daddy!”  I guess I get around.  (Oh, dear.)  It’s not quiet either…it’s all-out yelling it, which makes trips to Walmart rather interesting.
Friday is supposed to be one of the hottest & most humid days for us so far this summer.  That’s WONDERFUL considering that’s the day I’m at work in the Greenhouse.  I fully expect to leave a woman and come back a puddle of goo.  Gross.  Have the shower ready!  And I should probably just plan on burning my clothes that night.
Finally, I knew parenting would cause some weird phrases to leave my mouth, but I never in a million years would have thought I would have to say the following:
“Don’t lick the dog!”
“Don’t lick the cat!”
“Get the cheese out of your toes!”
“The cat is not daddy”
“Get the dog toy out of your mouth!”
“Don’t eat with your feet!”
I’m sure there will be more.  But in the meantime, welcome to my life.  🙂


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