Walking the Line :)

It’s June 30th.  About 7:00p.m. Kidlet started WALKING!!!  I’m so freaking excited!  Unfortunately, Hubby missed it as he’s off tending to a Camp inspection.   I’ve been stressing so much about her not walking yet.  I guess she was just a late bloomer.  Now, to go and buy some duct tape.  😛
Work was busy today.  We had a lot of work for a funeral tomorrow and I found myself in front of the ribbon rack this afternoon, trying to find some thing appropriate to finish an order with.  I realized all the ribbon I was looking at was either to drab, or too “Yay, you’re dead!” 
Yes, welcome to my world, where I spend my days riding that fine line between not showy enough, and too “Yay, you’re dead!”  
On a different note, after dealing with a week of “Amish Television” and 2 stat-icy stations, our Satellite is FINALLY back running.  We butchered 80% of the trees in our backyard in order to open up the view to the lake, but also in hopes of getting better satellite reception.  We found out today that we missed 3 trees that were our main problem.  They’re cut now too and mission: On-Going Entertainment is accomplished. –> Not Pres. Bush on an Air Craft Carrier accomplished….ACTUALLY Accomplished.  Anyone need fire wood?
Anyway, it’s a good day.  I’m still rolling naked in the blissful anticipation of the Balloon Rally and our Balloon Ride.  I’m loving life! 



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