A Fairyland of Wild Mushrooms…Oh God.

Yet another day where the customers remind me how I don’t get paid enough.  When asking “and what would you like on the card?”  (The enclosure card that goes in an arrangement.) I get:

“There is a time when wild Aster and Golden Rod fill the fields…and the Sumac leaves turn scarlet…a time when the air…the light & the moisture are in perfect harmony…and the whole world becomes a fairyland of wild mushrooms.  As if by magic…they push their way up…everywhere…no stone…no log cam stop them now, fore their time has come.
What gret fun & creative imagination must have gone into the molding of these little things…hundreds of shapes & sizes…just as many shades & hues…tiny dots on stems so delicate you can hardly see them…huge ones more than a foot across…some more beautiful & graceful…some round…short & pudgy.  There are those whose caps sit at odd angles on their stems.  Those that form little shells on tree trunks…and perfect rosettes covering old logs of the woods…
Here are some of the most beautiful browns in nature…the most delicate pinks & blues…the deepest…most startling reds & yellows…and white as pure as white can be.
And so they grow on old stumps among dead leaves…on fallen trees.  That these things which have lived may may have returned to the earth to love again.  From, you’re favorite old stump in rejuvenation.”

Okay people.  Take it from me.  A simple “Thinking of You” would suffice.  In the meantime, I want what she’s on in order to live in her “Fairyland of Wild Mushrooms.”  *Blank Stare*
Luckily, I was not the one to have to fit that on any card whatsoever.  I was the one, however, to have to call it into a different shop to have THEM deliver it.  I’m fully expecting hate mail any day now. 


This is what you can do with your Mushrooms


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