Yellow Watermelon? Since When?

I got a few groceries the other day and picked up a Watermelon out of the Watermelon bin at Walmart.  I asked hubby to cut it that night.  He starts cutting and asks, “Did you get a different watermelon?” 
“Ummm, no.  Why?”
Before he answered, I was over there and saw for myself.  It was yellow.  Yellow!  Yellow, really?  He nor I had ever seen one before.  We both smelled it and it smelled like watermelon.  I made hubby try it first though.  Sure enough.  Tastes just the same too.   Wait.  Wait just a second.  If it smells like Watermelon, and tastes just the same, why do they make it in Yellow??  What’s that purpose??
Thank you Walmart for messing with me. 

Proof that they do exist.

We had about 15 people in our backyard today cutting trees and clearing brush.  My dog, from the patio door, picks out the one Special Needs boy and chooses to bark at him.  Only him.  Great.  I felt so bad.  This isn’t the first time it’s happened either.  Last summer there was a Special Needs staff member that wore a helmet everywhere….all the time.  Rowdy didn’t like him either.  Apparently, my dog discriminates.  He didn’t learn it from us.  My hubby thinks Rowdy just gets jealous because he likes being the ONLY slow kid. 




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