A Chat With God

After the previous weekend there was no way I could go out again, so Hubby and I did a BBQ at our house last night with the Camp Staff that we have been going out with.  It was nice and relaxing.  Everyone around the Campfire discussing various things.  No sitter was needed, which is also a plus.  I think it’s something that we will do more often.
We somehow got on the subject of God and what He might be like.  I told “Moose” (yes, that’s his nickname) that if God was anything like him, I would sit and BullShit with him for awhile.  Yes, I know God is obviously powerful and reverent, but what if He’s also grounded?  Meaning, after your review of your life and the deep talk that follows, what if you get to just sit next to Him while He says in His deep God voice, “Hehe, watch this!” as He pushes the big red God button that we all dream of.   God must have a sense of humor like that.  Afterall, he did make me.  Yeah, I’m looking forward to that chat.

The Red Button

On a different note, I was up half the night trying to cough up a lung.  I’ve already decided that if tonight is like last night, no work for me tomorrow, BUT back to the Dr.  The Antibiotics she gave aren’t cutting it.  My ears don’t hurt, but I still can’t hear much.  We shall see.
First day of Campers is here.  (boo!)  Hubby is working 7 days a week now for at least the next 10 weeks.  I just hope it goes fast. 



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