I’m home sick today.  It would be a lot more enjoyable if I weren’t…well…sick.  I have an Ear Infection and possibly Strep, but the Dr. didn’t think a Strep test was nessicary because the Antibiotic she gave me for my Ear Infection will take care of the Strep if I have it.  Fair Enough.
I still can’t hear very well and as of 2:00a.m. I’ve been playing the game “Guess what color the crap I cough up will be next?”  Let me know if you want in.  There are fabulous prizes to be had.  Mainly, the tissue filled with the proof.  Don’t want anyone accusing me of lying. 😉
I’m highly medicated at this point with Antibiotics, Mucinex, and Allergy/Sinus Pills.  Unfortunately, non come with a “high.”  Damn it. 
I’m bummed because tomorrow Hubby and I host a BBQ for the group of staff that we usually go out with.  I just hope I’m feeling better by then.  Yikes.  I should be picking up outside, but I just don’t have the energy.  I’m sure God will forgive me…..I hope. 
Off to go and rest for a bit more before I have to pick Kidlet up from Day Care.  Wish me luck.


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