The Art of Shutting Up

What a bunch of days it’s been…..We went out Saturday night with some of the staff at Camp.  I keep a low profile around here (surprisingly) because this is my home and where my hubby works….so I like to keep my distance to preserve the home feel for me.
Many of the staff have worked here for a couple of years now, so it was funny when I was introducing myself around to hear, “You ARE real!”  Many of the staff had convinced themselves that my husband had been lying about being married and that I was a blow-up doll.  We had a hellofa night.  It was great and the first REAL fun I’ve had in awhile.
New things were discovered in old relationships in the past few days as well.  My only problem is that I’m too damn curious and haven’t mastered the art of shutting up.  It’s because of this fault and I’m a proverbial “Bull in a China Shop.”  Someone have a permanent foot I can insert in my mouth before I break anything MAJOR?  I’d appreciate it.
I also learned that Lieney’s “Summer Shandy” beer tastes like Pine Sol mixed with beer.  More Pine Sol than beer really….not recommended by me.  Neither is a shot of Honey Wild Turkey.  BAHHHHH!  Stupid staff…they’re such a bad influence on me…which is why a repeat is in order for this Saturday. 🙂


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