Excuse Me?

I’ve been questioning people’s common sense lately, or rather, lack thereof.  As most everyone knows, my husband and I live IN a Boy Scout Camp as he is Ranger for the 3 camps year-round.  It’s common knowledge the that Ranger Residence (i.e. Our Home) is off limits to staff.  At least we THOUGHT it was common knowledge….until Saturday night.
It was 8:30p.m.  Kidlet was in bed and Hubby and I were “otherwise occupied.”  All of the sudden the dog starts barking and Hubby jumps up and sticks his head out of the bedroom door.  There he sees a STAFF MEMBER in our hallway right outside kidlet’s bedroom door and steps away from our bedroom.  The staff member had entered our front door, climbed the stairs to our main living area, and let himself in the second door merely to let us know that there was a Porcupine outside.  That was all. 
Needless to say, he was chased out of the house and chewed a new one by my hubby, and it’s so sad to know that the one time we don’t lock the door while we’re home, we’re reminded of the necessity to do so.  Absurd.
On a similar note, I worked at the Floral Shop from 9:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Sunday.  After 2:00, my boss let us go and she wrapped up the last customer in the Greenhouse.  She had locked up and pulled the tills and was in the office counting when her son came in to tell her that there was guy in the Greenhouse buying Vegetables.  Here he had come in through the Soil Room (an Employee Only place) through the back Greenhouses (also Employee Only) to the Sales Greenhouse and was helping himself.  My boss told him that they were closed and the man resumed chatting away like nothing was wrong.  He bought $50 worth of vegetables anyway.  How creepy.
So, now I’m left wondering how safe we really are at home or at work.  Welcome 2008, a time where we nothing for granted.


1 Comment

  1. PacketRat said,

    June 4, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    I would be pissed off and busting some heads… Thats messed up.

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