Walking the Line :)

It’s June 30th.  About 7:00p.m. Kidlet started WALKING!!!  I’m so freaking excited!  Unfortunately, Hubby missed it as he’s off tending to a Camp inspection.   I’ve been stressing so much about her not walking yet.  I guess she was just a late bloomer.  Now, to go and buy some duct tape.  😛
Work was busy today.  We had a lot of work for a funeral tomorrow and I found myself in front of the ribbon rack this afternoon, trying to find some thing appropriate to finish an order with.  I realized all the ribbon I was looking at was either to drab, or too “Yay, you’re dead!” 
Yes, welcome to my world, where I spend my days riding that fine line between not showy enough, and too “Yay, you’re dead!”  
On a different note, after dealing with a week of “Amish Television” and 2 stat-icy stations, our Satellite is FINALLY back running.  We butchered 80% of the trees in our backyard in order to open up the view to the lake, but also in hopes of getting better satellite reception.  We found out today that we missed 3 trees that were our main problem.  They’re cut now too and mission: On-Going Entertainment is accomplished. –> Not Pres. Bush on an Air Craft Carrier accomplished….ACTUALLY Accomplished.  Anyone need fire wood?
Anyway, it’s a good day.  I’m still rolling naked in the blissful anticipation of the Balloon Rally and our Balloon Ride.  I’m loving life! 


I Could Crap Candy

How many times can I blog in one day?  I dunno.  Doesn’t matter I suppose.  Just came across some GREAT news and found a Hot Air Balloon Company about an hour from us.  You know what that means?  No hotels, 1/2 a tank of gas, and easy rescheduling! (If needed)  I’m so excited right now, I could crap candy.
Here’s a pic of the company’s newest Balloon:

Sea Fantasty

As if all this excitement wasn’t enough….I also found a this to go to:  http://www.wausauballoonrally.com/
I can’t wait!  I haven’t been to a Hot Air Balloon Rally since…well…a very long time.   Those are going to be some AWESOME pictures!  This is turning out to be one of the best summers in a long time….maybe ever. 🙂



The Addiction

As most of my posts include something to do with my Cattleya Orchids, I thought I would post overall pictures of what the Addiction looks like.  Granted, they’re not spectacular, but it gives people a chance to either say, “That’s not as bad as I pictured,” or “Holy Hell!” 

Top ShelfTop Shelf

Bottom ShelfBottom Shelf

Overall ViewOverall View

Hopefully this aides in my recovery, but then again, I’m not sure I WANT to recover.  That’s right.  I don’t want to be a quitter. 😛

It’s a GO!!!!!

Wow.  Big news today.  The Hot Air Balloon Ride is a Go!!!!!  I talked to Hubby yesterday and he agrees that it’s a good idea.  So, I have the go-ahead to do more research and let him know how much money we have to save for it.  I told him in exchange for this awesome experience, we don’t have to do gifts.  I think that was a big selling-point.
We also got to go out last night.  It was an early night though as most everyone was tired.  We were home at midnight, which was fine.  I got some really bad pics of me last night though.  Feel free to laugh.  It’s why I write this thing:

Crystal, Sally and I

Tony (also known as “Chef”) and I

There was also a new drink (at least to me) last night.  Vanilla Doc, Cranberry Juice and Cream.  Oooh la-la! 😉
Next week is just movie night at home with Hubby and I.  Although, I do have to say that having a Social Life again is REALLY nice.  I’m going to miss it come the end of Camp.  That’s the ONLY thing I’ll miss though.

Full of Hot Air

This August make 5 years Hubby and I have been married.  As always, he wanted to go Camping.  Umm, no.  Not this year.  I took a look at my “Bucket List” and thought maybe we should use this mildstone as an excuse to take a Hot Air Balloon Ride.  So, I’ve been pricing and at $184.36/person it’s expensive, but I can’t help to think still worth it.  I mean, really, it’s a once in a lifetime thing.  So, I’m going to do my best to make it happen.  I don’t think it will take too much pleading to have Hubby agree.  Hell, I’m even willing to sleep in the car and pack our food to make it happen. 
I’ve asked our friends along (Grace’s Godparents) and I honestly expected a “no” right off the bat seeing they’re having a baby July 10th.  But they surprised me in wanting to know more details before they decide.  So, I’m REALLY excited about that.  I think I’ll talk to Hubby more about it today.  We only live once and I want to make the most of it!

I was hoping for a family trip back to the park this afternoon, but there’s a 60% of thunderstorms with small hail.  
We’re also hoping to go out tonight, as this is the last weekend Hubby’s Boss is here before he leaves for his new job in Pittsburgh.  We really like him and are going to miss him so much.  As I write this Hubby is scouring Camp for a Babysitter tonight.  Wish us luck!

Have Fun in the Summertime

I finally took some time out, switched up my schedule and got to enjoy a bit of summer with Kidlet.  It brought back a feeling of school-girl like excitement about summer vacation, when the only thing you had to worry about for 3 months was well….nothing.  It’s a great feeling of happiness that I know was only rekindled because of Kidlet.  Here are some pics of the fun we had. 

Loving the Park!

Here\'s a stick for youuuu!

Froggy Pool!



Pure Joy


Is this what you want? (Gracie teasing Rowdy)


A Fairyland of Wild Mushrooms…Oh God.

Yet another day where the customers remind me how I don’t get paid enough.  When asking “and what would you like on the card?”  (The enclosure card that goes in an arrangement.) I get:

“There is a time when wild Aster and Golden Rod fill the fields…and the Sumac leaves turn scarlet…a time when the air…the light & the moisture are in perfect harmony…and the whole world becomes a fairyland of wild mushrooms.  As if by magic…they push their way up…everywhere…no stone…no log cam stop them now, fore their time has come.
What gret fun & creative imagination must have gone into the molding of these little things…hundreds of shapes & sizes…just as many shades & hues…tiny dots on stems so delicate you can hardly see them…huge ones more than a foot across…some more beautiful & graceful…some round…short & pudgy.  There are those whose caps sit at odd angles on their stems.  Those that form little shells on tree trunks…and perfect rosettes covering old logs of the woods…
Here are some of the most beautiful browns in nature…the most delicate pinks & blues…the deepest…most startling reds & yellows…and white as pure as white can be.
And so they grow on old stumps among dead leaves…on fallen trees.  That these things which have lived may may have returned to the earth to love again.  From, you’re favorite old stump in rejuvenation.”

Okay people.  Take it from me.  A simple “Thinking of You” would suffice.  In the meantime, I want what she’s on in order to live in her “Fairyland of Wild Mushrooms.”  *Blank Stare*
Luckily, I was not the one to have to fit that on any card whatsoever.  I was the one, however, to have to call it into a different shop to have THEM deliver it.  I’m fully expecting hate mail any day now. 


This is what you can do with your Mushrooms

Yellow Watermelon? Since When?

I got a few groceries the other day and picked up a Watermelon out of the Watermelon bin at Walmart.  I asked hubby to cut it that night.  He starts cutting and asks, “Did you get a different watermelon?” 
“Ummm, no.  Why?”
Before he answered, I was over there and saw for myself.  It was yellow.  Yellow!  Yellow, really?  He nor I had ever seen one before.  We both smelled it and it smelled like watermelon.  I made hubby try it first though.  Sure enough.  Tastes just the same too.   Wait.  Wait just a second.  If it smells like Watermelon, and tastes just the same, why do they make it in Yellow??  What’s that purpose??
Thank you Walmart for messing with me. 

Proof that they do exist.

We had about 15 people in our backyard today cutting trees and clearing brush.  My dog, from the patio door, picks out the one Special Needs boy and chooses to bark at him.  Only him.  Great.  I felt so bad.  This isn’t the first time it’s happened either.  Last summer there was a Special Needs staff member that wore a helmet everywhere….all the time.  Rowdy didn’t like him either.  Apparently, my dog discriminates.  He didn’t learn it from us.  My hubby thinks Rowdy just gets jealous because he likes being the ONLY slow kid. 



If I Were Just Me

I came across this idea yesterday, and thought I would blog it here, mainly as a reminder to me.  This question entered my mind out of nowhere yesterday, “If it were just me in my life, what would I want to do?” 

Let me say right off the bat, that I’m not unhappy with my life.  But, what I can say is that naturally, I get so wrapped up in taking care of kidlet, working at the Floral Shop, house-keeping, and making time for Hubby, that I’ve realized I started to kind of forget who I am….as an individual.   I promised myself I would never let that happen.  So, I’m so happy this question came to me, because I can use it now, still dream big and make them goals for a little later in my life.  I really like that idea.  Luckily, I’m married to a guy that is also up for anything, and who also reminds me that we don’t have to wait to do everything either.  He wants to do a lot of traveling with kidlet, so my goals might get checked off quicker than I expected.  He’s also of the mind that anything can happen and any goal is achievable.  That’s so nice and refreshing to have in my life all the time…someone to not only dream with but PLAN with.
So, hence the blog, so I can keep track of all my brillant ideas/goals. 
The first answer that came to me, is that if I were just responsible for me right now, I would move to Hawaii.  I figure you can take a vacation there anytime, but if such a beautiful place exists, why not live in it?  Also, this move will satisfy the geek in me.  If you didn’t get the memo, I worship flowers.  Specifically, Cattleya Orchids.  (Big shock, I know.)  But when I’m not “mom” or “wife,” I’m on-line reading about Orchids, window shopping for Orchids and looking at pictures of Orchids.  How could I NOT want to live in Hawaii?  It’s like a Heroine user moving to Afghanistan to work in the Poppy Fields…only mine is a more healthy addiction and um, well, legal.  Now granted, I know I’m speaking from a perspective of “the grass is always greener on the other side,” but that’s why if it didn’t work, I’d move back.  Simple as that.  But I will at least try it.  If anything, and if I live that long, I will retire there.  Mark my words. 🙂 


Which Way Did He Go, George?

You remember that Bugs Bunny cartoon…”Which way did he go, George?  Which way did he go?”  That sums up Camp Staff this year. 
If you didn’t get the memo, my husband is Ranger of three Boy Scout Camps, and we live on the property year-round.  This year has been a really bad year for Camp Staff applicants.  Meaning, they’re hasn’t been many applicants at all, thus taking the luxury out of being picky on who they hire.   Thus, we’re also short-staffed.  We’ve joked that we’re going to call Walmart for the recent applicants they turned down.  “Do you have a pulse?”  “Do you speak at least 2 words of English?”  Good!  You’re hired!
My husband’s two assistant Rangers this summer are the cream of the crop.  My husband’s job is to do maintenance.  Plumbing, electrical, etc.  These kids don’t have a clue.  One of them put two door knobs on one door.  No, I’m not joking.  This is just a glaring reminder that the Boy Scouts are equal opportunity employers.  Wow. 
Then I got to thinking.  Remember my blog post about the staff member walking into our house?  Maybe this kid is on to something.  Maybe if I put 4 door knobs on my front door, someone will get a clue. 



On a separate note, I was back to the Dr. today.  I got stronger Antibiotics to try and cough syrup with Codeine.  I still can’t hear much more than myself.  I wish I knew sign language at this point, but I only know one gesture which is appropriate only 50% of the time.  I’m hoping I’ll feel better soon.  I hate having my world SOUND like my head is up my ass.

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