Nice Surprise

After everything that recent times has brought, it was nice to get an unexpected text from a High School friend and have that text chat carry on through the day.   What was even nicer was chatting about “deeper” things that we never have before.  It really made my day.  My cell phone plan change to 1,000 texts/mo. couldn’t have come at a better time.  🙂
This week brings Mother’s Day in a Floral Shop which in some ways resembles the Apocalypse….only with less confusion but the same amount of screaming.  (Silently in the bathroom 1/2 way through the day of course.  And NEVER in front of customers.)   This is the only holiday I dread a bit (Aside from Christmas)…meaning that it goes RIGHT into Gardening Season for us, so the busy-ness doesn’t break.  Great for business and job security…iffy for sanity. 
All in all things are getting back to normal…keep in mind it’s “me” saying “Normal” so by anyone else’s standard that’s non-existant here.  But that’s okay.  Our daughter is getting healthy again and *that’s* what matters. 
Off to try and lick my elbow. (j.k) 


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