A Hellofa Week

Wow.  What a week of a very sick child, spiking fevers, 4 different meds, whining, crying, sweating, baths.  Yeah, I’m tired.  
Luckily, I can say this morning that I’m seeing glimpses of my usual girl.  No fevers this morning, there’s been a few smiles and even some happy squeals.  Thank God. 
I can’t thank all my friends on Twitter (www.twitter.com) enough for all your kind words, thoughts and cares.  I really appreciate it!
As for me, I’m pretty wore out right now.   I wish I could say that this weekend will bring some relief, but it’s Staff Weekend out here at camp and Elvis has to work all weekend.  I may get a shot at some extra sleep Sunday afternoon.  I can hope. 
My spirits are better today.  Less worried and no longer frantic. 
Hubby took a look at our finances and things are looking great.  This year we’ll be able to REALLY start saving.   After this month, we’ll have one debt left to pay on (outside of our regular bills.)   I smell a savings account for a house around the corner. 🙂  Yay! 
On the Orchid front, the ‘Hawaiian Passion’ has suffered.  I *think* it froze during shipping and I lost over half of the foliage.  (Stupid WI Weather.)  I contacted the seller about it and am waiting to hear from him what he thinks.  A girl can hope for a replacement plant, but I don’t know if that will happen.  In the meantime, a moment of silence please……Thank you.  LOL 🙂
Sorry this post is lacking in my usual wit and cleverness.  I’m lacking my usual sleep.  🙂


1 Comment

  1. PacketRat said,

    May 2, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Good to hear the kiddo is doing better.. sorry about the plant. 😦

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