One of *those* Days

I should have taken the clue this morning when I was walking around making the bed and came across a dead Mouse carcass the cats had thoughtfully left for me overnight that this was not going to be one of my best days. 
Granted I’ve felt better today…more awake and ready to take on the world.  Well, at least more than I’ve felt in the last week or so.  Little did I know I was going to need the energy.
Our daughter has had a run-of-the-mill cough etc. for about 3 weeks.  We took her to the Doctor last Tues. and they said she had a Respiratory Infection and prescribed 10 days worth of Amoxcillin.  The Dr. said if she didn’t get better after the 10 days, to bring her back because this particular strain of infection is linked to Chronic Bronchitis and Pneumonia.  My Hubby and I were already thinking yesterday that we were going to have to bring her in Sat. because she wasn’t getting better and we doubted she was going to improve THAT much in 48 hours. 
She started with a low temp last night and this morning it went up to 100.3 despite the Tylenol I gave her earlier.  My mind wandered and centered on the customer I had in the Floral Shop last week whose daughter was in the Hospital with severe Pneumonia which had only shown bad symptoms 2 days before.  I freaked.  Thank God for Twitter. (  Thank God for the countless people whom I chat with everyday that know my personality and are so gracious to put up with me for free.   No, that’s not an offer for me to start paying.  Sorry.  I vented to them right away as I tried to keep it together.  They sent me worse horror stories that their kids had lived through and got me feeling better.
We got her to the Dr. this morning to find out that she has an ear infection, sinus infection, respiratory infection and is teething.  We got her meds filled and came home with the Walmart Pharmacy.  The good news is that she “should” be getting better soon with the new arsenal of meds.  Crisis diverted for now.
In the meantime, I have a child who has an ear infection, sinus infection respiratory infection and is teething. Please send booze.  I’m begging you.


Having a moment of Loneliness.  I hate this feeling.  It creeps in when I remember that we live in an area widely inhabited with post retirement-aged people and the closest bar closes at 10:00p.m. because they can’t stay awake past 8:00p.m.  
I’ve lived here almost 6 years now and still don’t have anyone around my age to go have drinks with or shop with or catch a movie with.  I love my hubby, but that doesn’t count as a actual “friend” does it?
Luckily, he and I are considering a move back to my hometown (Medford, WI) in about 3 years from now.  Granted, it’s all talk at this point, but if the move did happen our Social Life will improve by 1,000%.  That would be nice.
Off to bed for me for now.  Hey, when you live in Post Retirement-Rome you do as the Romans do.  Now.  Where did I put my teeth?

Me Time…

Hi there,
I found WordPress today through my Best Friend and her blog and I was impressed with the “Bells and Whistles” so I thought I’d give it a go. 
For those who don’t know me I summed myself up in my profile…hopefully pretty timelessly (is that a word?) Anyway, I’m always changing in my interests and passions….meaning I always like the same things, but what I Love are the things that can change even from week to week.  I’ve always been like that, and I have no clue if it’s normal or not. 
So, in the meantime, I can tell you at this moment I Love Orchids.  Cattleyas specifically.  I have two, ‘Candy Tuff’ and ‘Hawaiian Passion’ and three more on their way.  I also caved and bid on another last night.  I’ll know Thursday whether I’ll get it or not.  I don’t think it made my Hubby happy, but he’ll be okay. 
My other Love at the moment is reading.  Specifically “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle (for the 2nd time.)  It’s really helping me ground myself which is what I need right now.
“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes is also a favorite of mine and “Ask and it is Given” was really great too.
And finally, I Love my camera, taking pictures of my daughter and nature and editing them with  I can thank my best friend Kimberly for that addiction too. 🙂  You can see my work to the right in my Flickr widget. 🙂
I picked up the knitting needles again and am slowly working on a Monkey for my up-coming GodSon (Due July 10th).  I was really into knitting over the winter and although I still really like it, I’ve temporarily lost a bit of interest.  I think Knitting is turning into a seasonal thing with me.  I won’t ever not like it though.  That’s for sure.
All in all I have ADD regarding my interests, and as I wrote in my profile, although even I sometimes find it annoying, I also think it keeps me interesting.
Guess that’s all for now!